Facebook responds to +1 with Google +Like

When Google released its Google +1 feature we knew it wouldn’t be long before Facebook reacted. Google +1 was Google’s answer to the Facebook ‘Like’ button and makes the Google search engine more social as it allows you to help friends, family and people all over the world to find things in Google search. Google define it as a ‘public stamp of approval’ as it highlights a list of websites you recommended on your Google Profile.  However, it was noted that the +1 had a few overlooks:

  • In order to select +1 you have to set up Google Profiles which adds a whole new system that for many will be an added hindrance. The whole beauty of Google to date has been its simplicity for the users.
  • Another overlook was how the Facebook like buttons shows you which of your friends recommended the link adding to its credibility.

Facebook have responded to challenge and surpass Google’s attempt to compete by introducing a browser plug in ‘Google +Like’. Once installed this plug in allows you to use the Facebook ‘Like’ feature exactly as before except on search engines. It allows you  to see the number of Facebook ‘Likes’ for any search on Google. Facebook were quick to react to Google challenge and benefit from their first mover advantage on this as the plug in tackles the challenges of the +1 feature mentioned above.


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