Xenu Link Sleuth – Our New Favorite SEO Tool

There are plenty of SEO tools available on the internet, a simple free SEO tool search will begin to show you the vast options out there. Today we would like to take a more in depth look at Xenu’s Link Sleuth. This tool is often considered the broken link finder, but it can do so much more than simply find broken links.

Xenu’s Link Sleuth is a Free Download and runs on all versions of Windows. This piece of software in simple terms is a site crawler – once you input a url it crawls the site and spits out a report at the end. So what are the key areas this tool can be used for?

  1. Finding broken links on a website
  2. Xenu will provide a report in an excel format
  3. Ability to check the length of title tags for SEO Purposes
  4. Find 302 redirects on a website
  5. Ability to generate an XML sitemap for websites
  6. Finds missing alt text

So, as you can see Xenu which is often referred  to as a broken link finder can actually carry out many more tasks, that will help for SEO purposes – generating sitemaps, title and alt tags are all really useful pieces of information.

SEO tools can significantly help the SEO process but finding the most effective ones can be challenging. Anyone have any other SEO Tools recommendations?


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