Top 5 Design Mistakes Small Business Make

If you’re a small business owner, your website is the central hub of your company, and it’s a pivotal part of your marketing and branding.

Potential customers visit your site specifically for its content, meaning its appearance and usability are critical to its success and how those users view your company. However, getting your web design wrong can have a negative impact on your business.

Here are 5 common web design mistakes you must avoid to create a great user experience and grow your bottom line.

  1. Poor Navigation – People log on to your site to find particular information. If they can not find it quickly, they will leave and you loose potential business. A poorly organised website gives an impression of a poorly organised business. Make navigation easier and see visits to your site last longer. Use icons, logical groups and the breadcrumb trail to increase the friendliness of your site.
  2. No Clear Calls to Action – Driving visitors to your site is half the battle but if they do not know what to do when they get there, they will leave. Have clear calls to action on purchases or subscriptions. Use clear icons that display what you want from the visitor. Don’t make your user work or think or you will loose them. Have usable, simple and specific actions within every page
  3. Colour and Contrast – Ask yourself a basic question. Does the text have sufficient contrast compared to its background? Can your readers actually read it quickly without squinting? And are the colours appealing and not distracting? Asking yourself these questions and being honest with your answers can save you some time and effort.
  4. Content, Content, Content – How is your content organised? If it is not clear, concise and captive – you may be loosing out on some potential customers. Internet users do not like to read. They scan quickly, and if your content is not easily arranged for them, the will move on. Break up your content, use white space, headings and sub headings. Clear content equals clear decision making.
  5. Clutter – Are you trying to jam all your information on to one page? Please stop. Overloading pages with information, text and graphics creates a confusing site that leads to low traffic, a high bounce rate and potentially a poor Page Rank. Ask yourself a few questions. Is the information on this page really necessary and how does it aide a visitor to my site? Priorities your content and decide what is most important for you and your customer and sell it well. less is more.

Hopefully you will have found some useful information here. And if you think yourself culpable to any of the above sins, why not get in touch with us today and see how our services can benefit your company.


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