Facebook Fan Pages – The New Layout

At the beginning of March  Facebook changed the Layout and added some new features to their Facebook Fan Pages. So what exactly is the difference I hear you ask?

Facebook, Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook Fan Pages

1) A strip of 5 Profile Photos appear across the top of the Facebook Fan page. This is a great way to display your brand logo, product images etc.

2) The ability to sign in and comment as the Fan Page via the Account button means you can switch from profile to page easily.

3)  You can chose  up to 5 Featured ‘Likes’ to appear on your Facebook Fan page.

4) Wall posts no longer appear in the order in which they took place, instead they will appear as top posts depending on the level of interaction which took place.

5) Users will see friends who like the page,  as well as Liked Pages that the user and the FanPage have in common.

6) Custom Tabs now appear on the left hand side of the page under the profile picture.

7) Admins can now receive emails when users post to the Facebook Fan page.

We believe that there are definately some changes  included that will make the management of a Facebook fan page that little bit easier, but what do you think?

Will these changes make a difference to Facebook Fan pages or are these primarily aesthetic changes?

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