Pay Per Click Tips – Keywords

Pay Per Click advertising is an extremely effective tool for online marketing with numerous benefits. Having a PPC campaign allows you to expose your ads to millions of internet users, this increases the chances of potential customers visiting your site. It is also possible to tailor specific campaigns towards specific target markets which help attract quality visitors to your site. Setting up a PPC campaign allows you to start generate traffic immediately. However, having an understanding of the correct criteria in setting up and running a PPC campaign is vital to its success. We have outlined 5 top tips which will help you optimise your campaign and in turn increase traffic to your website.

Top 5 PPC Tips

1) Pick low competition keywords

2) Use Specific Keywords

3) Write compelling ads

4) Use plurals

5) Use negative keywords

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For more information on Pay Per Click Advertising and how it may benefit your company contact the WebResults team today.

  1. #1 by Brad Fallon on Sunday - 4:25 pm

    Very informative and simple to understand tips. Thanks for sharing.

    • #2 by Rosey Broderick on Monday - 1:42 pm

      Thanks for the feedback. Keep an eye on the WebResults blog we’ll be posting up some tips on Social Media this week.

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