Link Building Campaigns for SEO purposes

Link building is an essential aspect of SEO. Engaging in link building helps obtain high level organic ranking on search engines for you website. Google no longer prioritise websites solely on the use of keywords on a website, they also take into consideration ‘off page’ activities when determining where a website ranks. Link building is a particularly crucial tool if you want to increase your off page activities. The logic of this being that Google determine the reliability of your website on the basis of how many other sites want to be linked to your site.

5 Tips for link building:

  1. Engage in sufficient research to ensure quality link
  2. Ensure the links you are using are of relevant, interesting and recent information
  3. Make sure links are placed on relevant pages of your website
  4. Do not over load pages with outgoing links
  5. Link building is a continuous process in order to attract traffic

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