Tips to apply to build your web presence

Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all when it comes to online marketing strategies and online web presence; what works for one company or industry may not necessarily work for another. Therefore the basics are crucial, and getting the basics right are even more important.

Who, what, when, why and where? When analysing your online presence answer these simple questions and they will help point you in the right direction.

– Who are your customers?
– What are they doing online?
– When are they online?
– Why are they online?
– Where are they online?

Answering these 5 simple questions correctly in relation to your specific business / industry is absolutely crucial as it will then determine your online strategy and in turn your online web presence.

However, in general here are some tips to bear in mind when trying to improve your online presence regardless of what business or industry you are in.


Is the content on your site relevant to your customer? Is it informative and of interest to the visitor? When a customer / new visitor lands on your site, does it meet their expectations?

If your website is relevant it will enable interaction and engagement of visitors. People will want to get involved and share their experience. By using social media tools (those relevant to your specific customers) such as Facebook, Twitter and even blogging you are enabling a two way conversation between you, as a business and your customers / potential customers. Embrace this interaction and take the opportunity to talk to your customers and even ask them what they want, and you will gain a valuable insight into your target market. To assist with engagement, regular content update and an active web presence is not only important to keep customers interested but also aids in search engine optimisation (search engine crawling sites).

Share ability

Make it easy for your users to share information via icons on your website to the various different social media tools you use. By implementing this technique you are not only opening up the avenues in which people can find you but also how you can find potential customers, it works both ways. Making content shareable allows free dispersal or distribution of information to potential customers, as most people share information as they think it is of interest to the specific individual.

These are just some basic ways in which you can improve your online presence in the New Year. We are currently offered a free website review at to help you build your web presesnce, contact us for more information.


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