Reasons why you should devise your strategy for 2011 and schedule activities every 3 months

The online and digital world is a fast paced, volatile environment and often it can be difficult to keep up with. For 2011, we suggest when devising your online strategy that you bear the fast paced nature of the industry in mind.
When devising your strategy for 2011 short term online marketing strategies should be used in conjunction with long term strategies. By scheduling activities every 3 months we are working on a quarterly basis. This is advantageous for the following reasons:
1)     It is a decent amount of time for us to be able to draw conclusions and findings from.
2)     It will enable the company and its strategy to be reviewed and monitored on a constant basis, but also takes into account various issues like seasonality.
3)     It will allow a company to adapt & react quickly to market changes 
4)     If elements of the strategy are not working they can be looked at and amended within a reasonable time frame
5)     Scheduling activities every 3 months allows companies to adapt to unforeseen budget restrictions
Long term and short term strategies work hand in hand. Implementing activities every 3 months also keeps your marketing activities fresh. Contact if you would like us to help you put a plan in place.

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