Online advertising up 12.3%

IAB Ireland recently carried out a survey on 29 leading publisher sites in Ireland, focused on advertising spend which is reinforcement of what we are hearing in relation to businesses spend online in Ireland.
This IAB PwC Online Adspend Study just released shows growth in online for the first half of 2010 with ad revenues of €53.9 million in the January to June period in 2010 compared to €48 million in H1 2009.

The automobile category was the biggest spender on online advertising at 22% followed by the combined category of
property/recruitment at 19%. This is a reversal of the first and second ranking categories in terms of adspend in H1

The key drivers identified by IAB that are growing online adspend.
-More people online – According to Comreg’s Consumer ICT Survey Q2 2009 2,943,138 were online (66%) this grew to 3,442,439 in Q2 2010 (77%)
-Greater time spent online – The average hours spent online each month increased from 15.6 in H1 2009 to 19.4
hours per week in H1 2010 (Comscore)
-Increased broadband connection – Comreg recorded an increase in Irish household broadband connections from
63% in H1 2009 to 67.9% in H1 2010

Advertising formats
-Display: Display advertising accounted for 29% of online adspend in H1 2010 compared to 25.7% in H1 2009.
-Classified: Classified accounted for a 26% share of the market in H1 2010 compared to 27.6% in H! 2009
-Search: Paid for listings was the largest single format with a 45% share of the online market. Search accounted for
46.6% of online ad revenue in H1 2009.

Online Advertising Spend In Ireland - Search Marketing shows largest spend in Ireland H1 2010

Online Advertising Spend In Ireland - Search Marketing shows largest spend in Ireland H1 2010

Positive Indicators for growth in 2011
– PwC Entertainment and Media Outlook predicts 17% online adspend growth in 2011.
68% of participants in the IAB PwC study predicted growth or strong growth in online adspend in the next 6 month period.
29 leading publishers participated in the study. Adspend revenue is calculated on the basis of actual figures provided by study participants. Total advertising revenue is reported on a gross basis (including agency commission)


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