How To Get A Page One Google Ranking And Increase Traffic

If you own a website, the two things that will matter to you the most are: seeing your website ranked on page one of Google’s results and driving targeted traffic to the site. One might wonder why Google specifically – and the reason is, Google is the most popular search engine out there. If you rank high on Google, you will also rank high on other search engines.

That said, the most important outcome of a high ranking on Google is targeted traffic because without it, the website will not visible and that defeats the whole purpose of building the website. Google rankings can be increased with the help of an inbound link building program, since it will automatically result in driving traffic.

But, how exactly does Google rank a web page? Google page rank is basically a formula related to inbound link analysis. This means the more the number of inbound links to your website, the higher your page rank, and this ranges from 0 to 10. Since Google is the main source of targeted traffic for any website a page one ranking is much sought after and this happens when Google brings up the site in its first seven results when a user enters a search phrase.

So how does a website get on page one of Google’s search results? The simple answer is by building inbound links. Look for inbound links from sites that have a high Google page rank and complementary websites that have related content. Do not link to websties whose page rank is 0, spam websites or link farms. Online directory listings, social bookmarking, blogs, by posting on forums and article marketing are some of the best ways to generate inbound links. Here is a look at each of these:
•Online directory listings carry a list of websites with a short description of the site and a link to its homepage. This long term approach of submission to these directories is effective.
•Social bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious, Facebook, StumbleUpon, etc. are interactive sites. When you create a profile on these sites and submit content with your link, you get quality backlinks.
•Blogs are also highly interactive on the Web 2.0 platform and linking to blogs means regular fresh content. The idea is to link to blogs that are ranked high with Google and have relevant content.
•Forum postings – where you sign up with related forums and post useful content. Your signature file will have a link to your website that people can click.
You can safely assume that great content with your targeted keywords and visitors who keep returning to your site will help you build trust with Google, which in turn will boost rankings to page one and bring targeted traffic. In this context, intensive keyword research is important since the phrases targeted by your site must be the same as those used by visitors to reach your site, but at the same time they must not be so competitive that it becomes tough to get a good ranking.

To survive in the online world, web presence is crucial. One thing to bear in mind – is never try to trick Google by buying links from link farms, since that is the quickest way to shut down your website. There are easier ways to get a page one ranking on Google and increase traffic, as listed above.

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