Digimedia.ie – Irelands first blind network

Last night Michelle O’Keefe from Digimedia.ie gave an excellent presentation on Effective Digital Media Strategies at the Dublin City Enterprise Network for Womens monthly event.
It is really encouraging to see specialist digital marketing businesses in the Irish Market.
Michelle highlighted the importance of using a mix of activities in your web marketing activity plan. For some businesses, search marketing isn’t going to bring in quality visitors, if the products or services they are providing are not known, or if poeple don’t think to search for them. In this case display advertising can be very effective in getting your business on front of the right target market.
Digimedia.ie is Irelands first blind network focused on display advertising. Digimedia.ie connects advertisers to web sites (publishers) that want to host advertisements. The key function of an ad network is aggregation of ad space supply from publishers and matching it with advertiser demand. A blind adnetwork buys inventory that would otherwise remain unsold, at a lower price. This enables advertisers broad reach at a cost effective price. The placement of the adverts is not be disclosed in order to protect the publishers rates. The available inventory varies from month to month and ad blind ad networks negotiate or broker deals depending on the level of unsold inventory.
This approach generally suits businesses who are targeting a broader market. Check out Digimedia.ie.



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