DCEB Network for Women -Using the internet to grow your business

It was very interesting to speak and meet the members of the DCEB network last night. Thank you Pauline and to the members for the opportunity. The range of businesses is very impressive with some fantastic opportunities to use the web. It is very interesting to hear so many businesses using a wide variety of activities to reach their customers.

Some interesting points were raised and some interesting questions were asked over the course of the evening.
– Research and get to know your target market VERY well. Prioritise them and be very focused 
– Ensure you build a web strategy that addresses the needs and behaviour of your target market. Relevance is key.
–  Follow through from your web marketing activity to your landing page – ensure that the message is carried through and that the call to action is clear and easy to follow.
– Ensure your campaigns are integrated. Use different activities to support each other and to cover your different market segments.
Joan Mulvill, CEO of the IAA highlighted the importance of usability and design. Making even the slightest change to the design or colour of an element of your website can have a significant impact on the behaviour of your visitors and subsequently your conversion rates.
Some of the businesses I spoke to who are actively looking at web marketing were Evelyn Cullinane from www.RedEvents.ie, Gobnait collins from www.kbelloncall.ie, Maura Dolan from Life & Business Coaching www.leci.ie,  Gifted by Nature www.giftedbynature.ie had a display of their fantastic hampers,  Carol Murray from A&M Products Ltd, Una Coleman from Event Elephant www.eventelephant.com


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