Importance of Having an Internet Strategy

Every day we are subjected to advertising campaigns, all via different mediums  – billboards, TV, radio, print, online. Although we have had the internet for many years now, it’s only in the last few years that it has become a serious money making ground in terms of advertising. Nearly every quality website that you land on nowadays has some form of advertising on it, whether it’s been paid for or not.

Even having a viral campaign has proven hugely successful for many businesses and creating awareness. Take for example the Old Spice “Should your Man smell like an Old Spice Man?” campaign. With over 20 million hits on since its release in June 2010 it has definitely proven one of the most successful campaigns of the year. This particular campaign owes some of its success to Social Networking as it was from people posting it on Facebook and Twitter pages that helped the campaign gain so much recognition.

Almost all companies are on the Web in one form or another. When devising a marketing plan for your business/product it is essential to work a digital strategy into the mix otherwise a huge chunk of your target market may go un – targeted. Almost everybody can be targeted online whether it is via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Email etc. there are too many windows of opportunities that you could be missing out on by not having a digital marketing/advertising strategy.


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