Why use PPC Specialists?

PPC Specialists understand and recognise the importance of google AdWords.

Keyword analysis is so important when carrying out AdWords. Keyword analysis helps to identify most highly searched for terms with low-cost per click to maintain your budget. Keyword analysis will also help identify which keywords to eliminate as some keywords maybe too competitive with a high cost per click or others may have low searches.

When writing copy for ad’s include Keywords. Google will rank your ad higher based on a number of different variables but by having keywords in your ad and your destination URL linking to a page with relevant content will help your ad position, improve your quality score and engage your customers more.

Split Testing
Split testing may sound like it’s a complicated procedure however it is a rather simple way of improving a PPC campaign’s success rate as well as a websites performance.
If you have just one ad running to promote your product/service it’s difficult to measure how well it is performing. By implementing a split test requires you creating a very similar yet slightly different ad. For example, the original ad may mention “free shipping” at the end of the last line. In this scenario it would be recommended to input “free delivery” at the beginning of the last ad.
Another example is to include the price in one ad and leave it out on the other one. At this point, you make the 2 different ads live on the network; run them for about 30 to 40 clicks each. This will give you a sufficient sample of what is working and what isn’t. From here you can determine which ad to drop and which to keep. All of the above having been determined from a simple split test.

AdWords Settings can hugely impact your Ad campaigns as you maybe not engaging your customers. Depending on your product or service it maybe an idea to limit some settings for example limit your AdWords campaigns to google search network so the only clicks you will get are from people actively searching for your product or service.

Landing Pages (destination URL’s)
Landing pages need to be optimised and engaging which helps get higher click through rates and conversions. They must have relevant and original content as per googles guidelines.

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