Why Use Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a long time running online advertising tool that has helped many businesses generate new and additional sales. In the last number of years more advertising mediums have cropped up providing extra online advertising opportunities, one of the most popular being Social Media channels such as bebo (back in the day), Facebook, Twitter and now LinkedIn, to name but a few. However, it would serve us all well not to forget the pros of the old reliable Adwords tool.

What are the main Advantages of Adwords?

Adwords puts you in control. You have control over the following:

  • The budget. From the daily spend to the monthly budge
  • Following up on genuine leads and enquiries to your website
  • The position your ad will have on the Google Network as well as other websites in relation to your competitors’ ads
  • What sites your ads will appear on
  • When the ads will appear – time/day/month
  • Regions the ad will appear. Adwords allows you to target from a city to a whole country to the whole World Wide Web
  • Ad content – you write the ads’ content. Google offers help with the use of appropriate keywords to maximise your ad’s impact. The ad can also be updated and changed as often as you like
  • The quantity of ads running – Adwords allows its users to have as many campaign with sub campaigns running at any given time.


Adwords gets your ads in front of the right people (prospective buyers) at the right time.

  • There is no requirement to pay for off target ad space in order to acquire profitable ad space. In other words, you decide who sees your ads by geo targeting and by controlling your bidding and budgeting
  • Google Adwords can be linked to other Google tools such as Analytics which allows you monitor how your ads are performing, track the conversions and establish the exact ROI
  • Results are almost instant. Once you put an ad live it’s visible to your Target Market across the Google and Content Network. Great way to test a new offer
  • The more you optimise your ads the less it will cost you as Google will reward you for a well written, relevant and well performing campaign. This will help to get an advantage over competitors who have optimised their campaigns
  • Google Adwords offers customers a “Pay as You Go” regime. Whereby you can “pause” ads whenever you want for however long you want

 However users should be warned that time and effort needs to be applied to an Adwords campaign, especially if you plan on managing it yourself and not hiring a SEO marketing professional to do this for you. But if the right amount of time is applied, an Adwords campaign can make a significant difference to any web marketing campaign and conversion rates.

 Other things to consider when using Adwords:

  • Selecting the Right Keywords; it is crucial that Ads are optimised with the appropriate keywords and terms that you want to bid on. Most experts will agree that selecting the right keywords is the most important step when devising an Adwords campaign. These keywords will bring the right people to your site. One of the more reputable keyword research tools is the Google Keyword tool, which luckily enough is also free!
  • Categorising Campaign according to Ad Groups – by setting up ads according to different Ad groups makes it easier to keep track of ads, improve their performance and get rid of Ads that are not performing. By having Ads organised like this means that everything will be more organised and easier to manage. Remember, Ad Groups are the files of keywords under each campaign
  • Titles are Important – a compelling title is needed that will entice users to the site. It should stand out and speak the language of the target market and what it is that they are looking for. The title should also contain a key phrase that has already been previously identified
  • The Body of the Ad – you only have 2 lines to make customers believe your ad is what they are looking for. Ensure that you are solving their problem, offering incentives and have a strong call to action in place as well
  • Measuring results – by using Google Adwords you are also able to place a tracking code on the page following a successful sale or lead that will track your conversion costs
  • Geo Targeting – geo targeting allows you to be even more specific in terms of targeting customers. This feature comes as standard with Adwords and allows you to choose where in the world you want your ads to appear. This can be defined by city, county, country region, etc

At the end of the day it’s low cost and there’s signing to a long term contract, you can stop whenever you like. Why not give it a try? If you do it right, you’ll reap the rewards!

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