Connector #Appy Hour

Connector and its founder Conor Lynch are well known in the Digital world for the events they organise for the Facebook generation and bringing those who work in the Digital world face to face for a chance to network and make new contacts. The time has come again for another great monthly networking event. The July event is called the “Connector #Appy Hour” and will take place in the Nokia Pop – Up Shop on Grafton St on Thursday the 1st July from 6:30pm till 9pm.

Guest speakers this month include Edward Conmy , promoter for Appy Awards, Conor Lynch, the founder of Connector as well as Anthony Lawless from Nokia Ireland.

The topic for this month is how to best promote yourself and your business in a dynamic and mobile market place and how to best get publicity via key Social Networking channels such as Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as many others.

They’re promising a raffle as well as networking games, music and food and drink throughout the evening as well as the chance to network with up to 100 people from the industry.

Places are limited for this particular event so make sure to sign up at the Connector Facebook Fan Page to make sure you’re guaranteed entry!

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