The New Google Keyword (beta) Tool

The Google Keyword Tool is a must for any keyword analysis and research, which is the first stage of any successful SEO strategy or PPC campaign. The Google Keyword tool has always been synonymous with keyword research and analysis and recently Google have given it a makeover. Introducing the new Google Keyword Tool (Beta).

If you’re used to using the Keyword tool it might take a couple of tries before you get the swing of it but it’s actually very user friendly. All the original features are still there but just more prominent and easier to understand. However, Google have also kindly added in a new feature called Google Insights. With Google Insights for Search, you can compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties. This is done by clicking on the magnifying glass icon just before the competition bar and after the new keyword that has been generated.

Previously you could choose whether you wanted to do keyword research on a broad, exact or phrase match. Now you can do all three at once and download the results in one spreadsheet.  This is mostly a benefit for anyone setting up a PPC campaign, but it can be useful for keyword research too.

However, one of the most prominent and useful new features is the Clickable Keywords. If you wish to find out just how much competition there is attached to one word you can just simply click on the phrase and be taken to the Google results page. However, always ensure to use to use the Intitle command to show you how many of your competitors understand SEO and are optimising their content for your keywords or for the keyword or phrase that you have clicked on.

Another new feature is the application that sees keywords grouped according to categories. This would prove to be particularly useful when deciding on keywords for a PPC campaign. When creating a PPC campaign, put negative matches on the keywords in categories that are unrelated to your own. By doing so, this will help to keep the cost per click down (particularly useful when it comes to highly competitive phrases) as well as help with keeping your click through rate high.

Remember the previous Keyword Tool only allowed you to download entire spreadsheets at a time? Or individual keywords, but none of the data attached? Now there is a combination of both as the beta version allows you to select only the keywords that you are interested in to download as well as the data attached to the individual terms and phrases. However there is one downside – Google haven’t given users the option to highlight a keyword or phrase for a negative match. Thought the pros of the new tool are extensive, this is one clear con.

Although the changes may not have been extensive, the little changes that have been made will prove to be a benefit to those carrying out SEO or devising a PPC campaign.

Click here to check out the New Tool

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