Use the Google Traffic Estimator to boost you Adwords Campaign

Where most online marketeers make great use of the Google Keyword tool to find new keywords/phrases, they tend to forget about the Google traffic estimator. You should take a look at this tool before you make any decisions on which keywords/phrases you choose for your campaign.

The tool gives you an estimate of what the results you would achieve if you ran a campaign with a given set of keywords. It can be difficult to get your campaign started, but keep in mind the benefits of pay per click of advertising and keep going.

If you are a website owner, and are anxious that you remain on budget, this is a great tool. Although you cannot entirely rely on estimates to be extremely accurate, they offer those new to adwords campaign the confidence to go ahead with it.

I would advice you to use this tool along with the Keyword tool to create your campaign. Along with one other crucial element: A daily budget.

Google Adwords - Pay per click -

Setting a daily budget is easy, and it allows you to evolve your adwords campaign at your own pace. If the cost associated with the number of clicks on your ad on  a particular day exceeds that of your daily budget, your campaign will automatically end for that day.

In the short term, don’t worry about missing out on clicks when you reach your budget. It gives you the chance to analyse the success of the clicks you did get (bounce rates, time on site, sign-ups, sales etc. ), refine your ad copy, and overall refine your campaign and save yourself and your site money in the long term.

In my experience, new-comers to Adwords fail for two reasons:

1. They think their ad will not get clicked

2. They are afraid their ad will get clicked thousands of times and cost them big time

Use the Traffic Estimator and set a daily budget. You’ll then have the confidence to make your campaign a success for your site.

For more information on running pay per click campaigns, please click here.


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