Facebook / Datebook?

Just after reading Damien Mulley’s blog there and is it really a surprise to hear that in a recent survey, 9% of those asked have hooked up or met somebody through social media sites. I’m sure there are quite a few more people out there that wouldn’t like to admit that they hooked up with someone through sites like Facebook or Bebo. I think there is still a strong perception among us that meeting people online is weird and can be dangerous.

ireland facebook dating

Our obsession with these sites is obvious with over 1 million Bebo & Facebook registered users in Ireland. We seem to use social media sites for just about everything these days so is hooking up with someone through these sites just another craze?

Some advantages I suppose is you get to know a lot of about someone through their profile by their pictures, daily posts, group and fan pages joined, info posted about their interests and most importantly what kinds of people they are friends with on sites like Facebook. Instant chat service makes it easier for us to interact with each other on social media sites. Is hooking up with someone on these sites becoming the alternative to meeting someone out in a pub on saturday night?


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