Ways to Improve your PPC campaign

WebResults offers a Pay per click creation and management service specialising in Google Adwords. In our time running campaigns for clients, we have noticed a few crucial details that can make or break a campaign. When running your first Adwords campaign, you can be bombarded with tips and advice online. However, the 4 shorts tips below should be enough to ensure you make a successful start. Also included are links to free online tools that can make the most of your campaign.

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Keyword Targeting

Ensure you make use of broad, exact and phrase matching when researching keywords. When searching for relevant keywords, use the Google keyword tool to see search terms relevant to you product or service. There are different strategies that can be used for targeting. Where one is starting out their first Google Adwords campaign, it is advised that they use broad terms to begin with. Then monitor with Google Analytics and refine keywords into exact matches and adapt ads to maximise conversions and minimise cost.

Split Test Ad copy

When you create your ads, be sure to test them against each other to see which ones are performing best. You can divert investment to better performing ads and increase roi.

Use negative keywords

There is always time for pessimism! In effect, using negative keywords (e.g. -cheap books), means that if a searcher types in this keyword, your ad will not appear on the list of search results. The example given is a good one, if you can identify search terms used, that are unlikely to reflect your customers search term: Use negative keywords.

Monitor Keyword conversions

At any time for a business (even more so in current times) the conversion/sale is the goal from online advertising. Using Google analytics, you can monitor the search term that the most conversions/sales originate from. In order to maximize conversions/sales this search term can be used in the title of ads to draw in more potential conversions.

Please view this great informational YouTube clip for more details on Adwords.


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