Search engine optimisation Ireland

There has been a huge increase in demand for search engine optimisation services here in Ireland in recent months. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is well established abroad. In Ireland, it has been seen with a lower degree of importance relative to other forms of marketing. However, companies based here are becoming more aware of the importance of ranking highly for there specific keywords on search engines. Indeed, they are now viewing it as essential.

SEO IrelandEvidence for this can be seen in the new online marketing courses in Ireland. The Fitzwilliam Institute and the Digital institute both offer courses in online marketing, with emphasis placed on SEO. The demand for individuals coming out of these courses remains high despite the current economic climate in Ireland. Companies are looking to hire online marketing specialists in-house, and online marketing agencies are experiecing growth due to an increase in marketing spend on digital media in recent years.

So with increased education in the disipline, growing investment and employment, you may ask why? Why is it becoming so important? The answers are in the changing media comsumption habits here in Ireland.

  • over 70% of the irish population is now online
  • 80% of all online purchases begin with a search engine

Companies are realizing that they must have a presence online where customers are searching for their goods and services.

Certain companies are choosing to keep SEO and PPC activities in-house. They are using resources online to learn about various techniques. There are many articles and videos created by online marketing service providers that can be used for this purpose e.g. top ten tips on Seo.

Whether companies choose to carry out these activities in-house or they decide to out-source is an internal decision. However, there are external decisions are being made all the time by your customers regarding your product or service that makes the afore mentioned internal decision extremely important.


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